Kredo-Group: 7 years of day-to-day work on the safe and fast delivery of client's goods. Your order is a complex optimization challenge where many factors need to be considered: from packaging to finding a route. Our company holds a Customs Brokers Register Certificate No.1194 issued by the Federal Customs Service of Russia on July 10, 2020. For each of our employees, logistics is a series of strategic decisions in his/her area of ​​responsibility.


  • Thinking several steps ahead;
  • Analyzing the current situation;
  • Viewing the picture as a whole and each operation individually;
  • Making decisions advisedly but quickly where needed, taking full responsibility.


  • A hair splitter who will prepare and check all accompanying documents for your cargo with the meticulousness of a pedant;
  • A bureaucrat who knows all the procedures, regulations of customs clearance and transportation in different countries;
  • A psychologist who knows how to understand people, to get along with them, knowing how to come to an agreement in any situation;
  • A lawyer who would not miss a single issue of discipline-related magazines, who is familiar with all the innovations in the field of transportation.


  • An optimizer capable of selecting the most efficient packaging method;
  • A Tetris master who knows how to assemble and arrange loads with minimal loss of the permitted area;
  • A perfectionist who would not let the cargo on its way until he has checked everything to the last belt and fastening bolt.

Почему мы?

Работая с "Кредо-Групп" вы получаете:

1. Сокращение сроков прохождения таможенного контроля

2. Экономическую и финансовую безопасность (четкое и грамотное оформление документов)

3. Оптимальную логистику и внимание оперативных менеджеров


We do not know what "favorable prices" are, we do not declare low prices. Payment for our services includes:

cost of transportation;

decent salary for specialists so that they can concentrate on your task, and not on their everyday problems;

extra charge for the development of the company - it is important for us to constantly improve our qualifications and to grow professionally.

Unprofitable companies are not able to operate at full capacity, so we believe this pricing is fair.

Наш прайс-лист


Therefore, we ensure it for ourselves and our clients. We have developed partial service automation, by offering a personal account with full information about the transportation stages. It is available to every partner and it allows you to:

track the transportation status without wasting your time on calls and letters; download accompanying documents for the order - they are stored for a long time: even years after completing of the transaction, you will have access to the full package; exchange data with your own information system, set up integration with 1C-Accounting of your company. Thanks to the service, you focus not on the methods of obtaining information, but on the information itself.


Запрос на построение логистических маршрутов и таможенной очистки груза

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