Kredo-Group holds events on the following topics: foreign trade and international trade; Customs clearance; International logistics. Below you can watch a webinar "Compulsory certification of goods". The speaker of the webinar is Olga Vinogradova, specialist with extensive experience in customs authorities since 1993. She worked in such positions as: leading inspector of the customs and cargo department, head of the customs regimes department, head of the analytical department, deputy head of the postal customs station of the Pulkovo Customs. To view all webinars and lectures: subscribe to our channelEJz2ExZWsAEmTjJ.jpg




Potential application of bank guarantees

Potential application of bank guarantees to optimize customs security.


Product certification

1. General principles of technical regulation.
2. Types of documents on compliance.
3. Specific procedure for certification and declaration of conformity. Uniform forms of documents.
4. Basic schemes of conformity confirmation.
5. The procedure for import and requirements for the labeling of products subject to validation of conformity.
6. Specifics of import of samples for testing.
7. Verification of the authenticity and correctness of the clearance.


Classification of participants in foreign economic activity of the Federal Customs Service of Russia

1. The history of the subject-oriented model of the risk management system in the customs authorities.
2. The structure of the modern system of classification of the customs service. The current regulatory framework.
3. Automated classification of FEA participants.
4. Prospects and business expectations from the system of classification of FEA participants.


Forms of Customs Control

1. Customs inspection.
2. Additional verification.
3. Release of goods with security for payment of customs duties.



1. Declarations for goods and their types.
2. Document flow.
3. Form and procedure for interaction between the declarant/customs broker and the customs authority.
4. Electronic declaration.
5. Preliminary information.
6. Single window.


Customs payments

1. Types.
2. Procedure for payment and refund of payments.
3. Management of customs payments.


Customs Value (CV)

1. Methods of determination and structure.
3. CV check.
4. Request for documents, correction, confirmation of the CV.
5. Examples of the CV formation for various delivery bases.


Customs procedures

1. Types and significance of customs procedures.
2. Basic customs procedures.
3. Selection and change of the customs procedure.


Foreign exchange control

1. The history of the development of foreign exchange regulation and foreign exchange control.
2. The legal framework for foreign exchange regulation and foreign exchange control of the Russian Federation. Accounting for foreign exchange transactions.
3. 181-I Instruction. Innovations from March 2018.
4. Conclusion.


Commodity Nomenclature (EAEU Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity)

1. Purpose and basic principles of creating a harmonized system of description and coding of goods.
2. The role and functions of the EAEU CN of FEA in customs and rate regulation.
3. The structure of the Commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity.
4. Notes to sections and groups, their functions.
5. Rules of interpretation (ОПИ 1-6).
6. Examples of classification.


Foreign Trade Contract

1. Features of the conclusion of foreign trade contracts:
- Requirements for contracts from the Russian legislation;
- Requirements for contracts on the part of banks' foreign exchange control Requirements for contracts on the part of the Federal Customs Service.
2. Specificity of work with foreign partners in Asia, USA and Europe.
3. Dangers, risks, risk assessment.


Resolution of Disputes with Customs Authorities

1. Types of customs disputes.
2. Pre-trial settlement procedure.
3. Judicial procedure for the settlement of disputes.
4. Challenging the adjustment of the customs value of the goods.
5. Disputing changes in the classification code by EAEU CN of FEA.


Import and sale of medical products, taking into account the innovations of 2020

Date: 16/17 April 2020 
Time: 12 hours
Format: online seminar 
For whom: for participants in the market of medical goods and pharmaceutical products

During the seminar, you will receive up-to-date information on customs clearance of medical goods and pharmaceuticals and the specifics of their implementation in the Russian Federation.

Let's discuss new questions:
- reduction of administrative and criminal liability for the import and sale of unregistered drugs and unregistered medical products - what does this mean and how to work with it;
- assessment of possible introducing of compulsory labeling in the existing epidemiological situation.
- assessment of this step in conditions of maximum load on the health care system.
- permits for online distance selling of OTC drugs: a temporary measure in the context of a pandemic or the first step on a long road to allowing distance selling, including prescription drugs, and the development of digital technologies in medicine (interactive services, healthcare at a distance).

We will discuss new problems and figure out how to solve them, for example:

- reduction of administrative and criminal liability for the import and sale of unregistered drugs and unregistered medical products - what does this mean and how to work with it;
- simplification and acceleration of registration of medical products in the Russian Federation;
- electronic labeling;
- obtaining permits and certificates;
- import features.
and much more.


General Information

The dates of the events indicated on the website are indicative. Find out the exact dates by calling us by phone or send us an application on the website, we will certainly call you back.


Participation in the MSV2019 exhibition

Kredo-Group has become an official delegate from St. Petersburg at the largest industry exhibitions organized by the St. Petersburg Committee for Industrial Policy, Innovations and Trade. We became the only customs broker and logistics company that took part in such events, officially representing St. Petersburg. In the online mode, our team helped manufacturers representing our city to effectively and profitably conclude trade contracts under the most favorable working conditions, considering the practical experience of our company's specialists.



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