RBH Group

RBH group is one of the largest Russian distributors of imported decorative cosmetics, household chemicals and hygiene items.
RBH group is the exclusive distributor in the Russian Federation of the brands Essence, Catrice, Makeup Revolution, LV, Absolute NY, etc.


DARIA LLC is the official distributor in Russia of decorative cosmetics for make-up of the Parisa Cosmetics and Flormar brands.


"Symphonia Krasoti" is the exclusive representative in Saratov and the Saratov region of the leading brands of professional products Kapous Professional, Kapous Studio, Selective Professional, Barex Italiano, FarmaVita, Tefia, Dewal Cosmetics and Charme Pro Line
International brands such as Londa Professional, Schwarzkopf Professional, Indola Professional, Lucas ’Cosmetics, Sun Luxe and Domix Professional have chosen us as official distributors.
Since 2019, we have been the official exclusive distributors of professional hair cosmetics brands Profis Cosmetics and O`revle in Russia.


Grotex LLC (Solopharm) is the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in Russia. Our mission is to create modern, high-quality and affordable drugs to preserve the health and quality of life of people. The principles of our company are: high quality, rational approach to resources, care for people.
Along with the constant increase in production capacity, our company's need for the supply of raw materials and equipment is also increasing.
The production of pharmaceuticals requires uninterrupted supplies and constant support from reliable partners in the field of logistics and customs clearance. We make high demands on the quality and speed of services provided in the field of FEA, therefore, when choosing a reliable supplier, we opted for Kredo-Invest LLC.


H. J. Heinz is one of the world's leading branded food brands in categories such as ketchup, sauces, baby food, ready meals, soups, seafood and snacks. Kredo-Group has been carrying out customs clearance for our Heinz client for many years. Heinz represents an international group of leading brands, including Heinz® (ketchup, sauces, soups, beans, pasta and baby food), which accounts for almost a third of total sales; Ore-Ida® (French fries); Boston Market® and Smart Ones® (ready meals); Plasmon® (baby food). In Russia, Heinz is represented by the following brands: Heinz, Mechta Khozyayki, Picador, Moya Semya, Derevenskoe, Lea & Perrins.


Chipita company was founded in Greece in 1973 as a company for the production and marketing of savory snacks. Kredo-Group has been providing sea transportation services for our Chipita client for many years. Since then, Chipita has significantly expanded its product range and created international brands like 7Days, Fineti, Chipicao, whose products are manufactured in 19 factories in 11 countries around the world and delivered to consumers in 66 countries directly or through strategic partnerships.


Banmark is a direct distributor of the Finnish chemistry manufacturer BANMARK OY, specializing in the development of products that effectively solve problems associated with: organic and inorganic pollution; the fight against microorganisms; pitch difficulties; cleaning of clothing or paper machines and other equipment; waste water treatment; dissolution of waste paper; bleaching and discoloration process; defoaming and deaeration; water separation and fiber retention; flotation. Our company has been engaged in customs clearance of goods for our Banmark client for many years.


Mistral Trading is the largest Russian importer and manufacturer of cereals and grain crops such as rice, buckwheat, lentils, beans, peas, etc. Mistral Trading is also a distributor of 17 leading brands in the field of food: FINN CRISP, Nature Valley, BILLINGTON'S, Guillen, Mazzetti, Green Giant, Drogheria Alimentari, Fragata, John West, KIKKOMAN, AMTSA, Zimushka Krasa, D'Arbo, Fortuna, Coosur, Golden Reed, Pomato. Our company has been performing air cargo transportation for our client Mistral for a long period of time. Mistral Trading works with the largest federal networks in Russia. Among them are Auchan, METRO Group, X5 Retail Group, Magnit - more than 30 networks in total.


Toyota Boshoku LLC is a joint venture of Toyota Boshoku Corp. and Toyota Tsusho Corp. It was established in St. Petersburg for the production of spare parts. The main activity of the company is the industrial assembly of seats for Toyota cars. Kredo-Group has been arranging sea transportation of containers for Toyota Boshoku LLC for many years.


Stupino Trading House is engaged in the supply of rolled metal which is widely usedin the field of industry. These products help to solve problems related to construction, repair and production. The company offers customers a wide range of metal products, among which are: • pipes; • profiles; • sheets; • plates; • bands. It should be noted that the products sold are of high quality. Thanks to this, it is in demand both in Russia and abroad. For this reason, Kredo-Group provides trade links with foreign partners, including the countries of the Far East. Our company is responsible for the legality and safety of transportation through customs, as well as the development of a well-timed supply system. The complex of our tasks includes the development of a clear logistics system, as well as ensuring the prompt export of products in the required volumes.


Geropharm is engaged in the creation of medicinal products in various fields. The production is fully independent, and the number of products manufactured counts to hundreds of articles. At the moment, Geopharm supplies its products to 15 countries and seeks to expand this list. The development of the company is ensured mainly through the development of new products that expand the scope of trading activities. It should be noted that the product fully meets European standards. Kredo-Group is engaged in organizing the supply of products, and also ensures their delivery abroad. For this, we have created a well-established system of pick-up and forwarding, which allows us to arrange trouble-free transportation. In addition to overseas transportation, we provide delivery of medicines throughout Russia.


Our company has been engaged in customs clearance for our Solenis client for many years. Russian distributor of the Solenis international diversified corporation, which is a supplier of ready-made solutions using chemistry of its own production for industries with high water consumption: pulp and paper, oil and gas, chemical, mining, as well as food and energy industries.


Our company is engaged in customs clearance of goods for our ZPI Alternativa Plastic Plant client for a long period of time. since 1988, ZPI Alternativa Plastic Plant is one of the largest factories in Russia for plastic production. The company's products are manufactured using modern high-tech equipment and have improved quality characteristics. ZPI Alternativa Plastic Plant produces toys for children, plastic household items, furniture, gardening tools, pets supplies, etc. ZPI Alternativa LLC is a regular participant in all major international exhibitions that are held in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, as well as in China and Turkey. The quality of the products has been repeatedly confirmed by the diplomas of the "100 best products of Russia" competition.


Nevskaya Poligrafiya company specializes in selling paper of domestic and imported production, namely - the entire range of offset papers, all newsprint, office paper, a wide range of cardboard, sack paper, wrapping paper, technical paper, coated paper, label paper, self-copying paper. Kredo-Group has been engaged in air transportation of goods for Nevskaya Polygraphiya for many years.


Thermotech company is one of the leading suppliers of underfloor heating in Scandinavia. The main specialization of the company is easy-to-install underfloor heating systems for all types of buildings and structures.


Kredo-Group has been providing customs services for our STROYMETIZ client for many years. STROYMETIZ company is one of the largest suppliers of hardware products and calibrated steel in Russia. For 18 years, the company has been providing reliable supplies of products to more than 5,000 Russian enterprises.


ArtPac is the largest manufacturer of hangers in Russia. The company was founded in 1999 and has been developing rapidly since then. The company's products are presented in the markets of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. ArtPac produces about fifty items of hangers and expands its range every year. ArtPack offers a unique product - the development and production of exclusive hangers that consider all 100 percent of the client's wishes. It is a modern company using exclusively high-speed and modern equipment of European manufacturers in its production cycles, which allows ArtPac to fulfill millions of orders in the shortest possible time. Production and head office are located in Odintsovo, Moscow region, additional sales office is in Moscow.


Inzhkom company is one of the largest members of a relatively new, but actively developing field - maintenance of engineering networks. These services allow the owners of rented buildings to keep the premises in good condition and provide them with a comfortable living environment. The work performed by the company includes technical maintenance of engineering networks, such as: • sewerage; • ventilation; • water supply; • heating; • electricity. In addition, the company carries out network repairs and commissioning works. Another service provided is the analysis of technical documentation, which helps to eliminate unnecessary components from it. Our company has been cooperating with "Inzhkom" for a long period, and during this time we have established close and mutually beneficial relations. Kredo-Group provides services for customs clearance, forwarding and the creation of a convenient logistics system.


Kedr company is the copyright holder of the El Tempo trademark and one of the largest suppliers of footwear. About 300 models are delivered to Russia in large-scale batches. The manufacturing process uses high quality materials and production standards comply with European requirements. Kedr company provides the Russian market with high-quality footwear with affordable prices. Kredo-Group has been cooperating with this company for two years, and during this time we created a well-managed system of forwarding and pick-up. In addition, our company provides customs clearance services for El Tempo brand products. We provide assistance in developing an established supply chain, as well as provide uninterrupted logistics for goods from Kedr company!


Dar company core business is the production of packaging that meets all the requirements of environmental friendliness and safety. These products have been manufactured for 18 years. During this time, the company has organized a well-managed and modern production. At the moment, the company is engaged in the manufacture of the following packaging types: • polyethylene; • paper; • cardboard. Dar is constantly evolving. At this stage, the company sells its products throughout the whole Russia. In turn, our company provides a convenient and prompt pick-up system. In addition, Kredo-Group develops a logistics network and processes customs documentation, which allows Dar company products to be transported to the required retail outlets without any problems. We are responsible for the quality and reliability of delivery of the cargo entrusted to us!

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