Since 1992, Teplomash Research and Production Association has been producing various types of heating, ventilation and climatic equipment. More than 20 years of experience in the design of equipment and protection of structural openings allows the company's specialists to solve problems of any complexity, in particular, to protect the openings of aircraft hangars. Kredo-Invest provides customs services for our NPO Teplomash client for a long period of time.


AGRO LLC company (YarVet) supplies a wide range of veterinary drugs for the agro-industrial complex, small pets, as well as special equipment and tools for vet clinics. Our company has been engaged in customs clearance of goods for our NAME client for many years.


Zhelezny Soyuz LLC is a Nizhny Novgorod company that has been engaged in the wholesale of metal and ores for more than five years. For several years we have been successfully cooperating with Zhelezny Soyuz LLC in the field of multimodal transportation, also providing customs clearance services.


Beland company has been providing its services on the market for 25 years. During this time, they have created a wide trading system. The organization's core business is the manufacture of packaging for drugs. In addition, the company produces consumables that are actively used in the medical and cosmetic industries. At present, Beland actively expands the scope of supplies and develops new products. It should be noted that the organization succeed in taking a leading position in the Russian Federation, being one of the main manufacturers of these products. The products are of high quality and are in great demand. Kredo-Group is responsible for customs transportation of Beland products. At the same time, the specifics of the transported cargo must be taken into account, and the prompt completion of orders is also ensured. This principle of work helped our organizations to establish close and trusting cooperation.


Usolye - Siberian Chemical Pharmaceutical Plant specializes in the production of medicines. The most priority growth direction of the company development is the creation of products that can meet the challenge of import substitution. It is also worth noting that the plant has a fully independent production which allows to complete all stages of manufacturing a new medicine. This company has been cooperating with Kredo-Group for several years, entrusting us to transport medicines across the customs borders. In addition, our organization is engaged in air transportation of products to the plant partner countries. We provide all the necessary conditions for the transportation of medicines. In addition, all goods are delivered exactly on time, and the items are distributed as quickly as possible.


Agrolakta company has six years of experience, during which it has expanded the number of sold goods to dozens of items. This organization specializes in the wholesale of food products. The main products are dairy products, eggs and edible oils. In addition, the company product range includes: • sugar; • chocolate; • tobacco products; • carbonated drinks; • meat products. It should be noted that Agrolakta supplies goods across the entire territory of Russia. At the same time, product lots are distinguished by large volumes. Kredo-Invest is engaged in logistics activities and provides well-coordinated pick-up and forwarding of products to retail outlets cooperating with our client. For our part, we have established a clear supply system operating at the exactly agreed time, because the reputation and popularity of the supplier's product depends on this.


Kronstadt group of companies is a high-tech organization that develops innovative methods of using transport equipment. The main company ​​activity is the creation of a program that allows such equipment to operate in a safe environment. It should be noted that the group of companies has a number of branches throughout Russia. In addition, Kronstadt creates unmanned systems and is the leader in this field, offering customers the most modern and advanced models. The organization is also engaged in the development of is own software and tests new products. The main services that our company provides are the customs transportation and the preparation of the necessary documentation. In addition, the scope of cooperation includes a logistics network covering the entire country.


Latex company is engaged in the distribution of medical and pharmaceutical products. This area is fundamental, however the company also sells goods in 15 other product lines. The company range includes hundreds of product names, and each unit requires special conditions of transportation. At present, Latex is engaged in the supply of products throughout Russia. In addition, the organization develops new markets and moves to an international level of activity. Our company provides assistance in this direction, ensuring uninterrupted supplies of products abroad. We provide customs clearance, as well as develop elaborate logistics systems. The employees of our company understand that the client's reputation depends on timely delivery of goods, therefore they provide services at a high level, also ensuring reliable transportation!


Avers is a young organization whose activities are actively developing. The company is engaged in wholesales and specializes in haberdashery products. The area of supplies is constantly expanding. It should be noted that the haberdashery products offered by the Avers company are of high quality. This ensures an ever-growing demand and a wide customer base. Kredo-Group guarantees customs clearance, as well as delivery of goods to the point of sale at exactly agreed time. This coherence is due to the development of a clear logistics network. Our company also provides prompt international transportation of products. We make sure that the export of goods fully complies with the legal requirements. Providing quality services allows our partner to expand the scope of activities and increase the volume of products sold.

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