Customs clearance

Customs clearance


We perform customs clearance of goods in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Vladivostok, Novorossiysk and other cities of Russia at favorable rates. We optimize transit time by cooperating with all customs stations in Russia.

We guarantee an individual approach to each client!

The specialists from Kredo-Group have solid professional experience, they are well aware of the intricacies of processing cargo of a different nature, including energy carriers, excisable products, perishable goods, goods that require special customs clearance.

The company's employees have thoroughly studied the legislation, skillfully bypass the pitfalls. In order for the delivery to the destination to be made on time, entrust the turnkey customs clearance to the employees from Kredo-Group.

The company has a certificate of the Register of Customs Brokers No. 1194 issued by the Federal Customs Service of Russia on July 10, 2020.


The procedure is mandatory for all categories of goods imported into the country or exported outside of it. The process is regulated by law, but it is complicated and confusing for citizens who do not face such issues on a daily basis. Not all cargo owners cope with the process on their own, without disrupting the delivery time, without receiving serious fines. By entrusting this task to the specialists of the area, you can significantly simplify the procedure without wasting money and time.

The concept of customs clearance of goods in St. Petersburg includes a wide range of activities. Depending on the type of cargo and other factors, a certain package of documents for the goods will be required. The requirements of state control, the specifics of declaring also differ. The range of services allows you to foresee possible risks as much as possible, to simplify the process for the owner of the goods.


The main document for processing of cargo at the border is the Bill of Entry, abbreviated as "BOE". It proves the legality of purchasing the cargo, importing it to or exporting it from the Russian Federation.

The document contains the following information about the cargo:
  • price;
  • quantity of goods and their weight;
  • country of origin;
  • information on the customs payments to be paid;
  • contains information about the type of transport carrying out transportation.
After submitting the declaration, you must pay fees, which are calculated in relation to the price of the goods. Mistakes made when filling out the document delay the procedure, entail unpleasant proceedings with the structural divisions of the customs, and sometimes large fines. Therefore, it is better to entrust issues of product registration at stations to specialists.


One of ​​the activities of Kredo-Group LLC is the customs clearance of goods. In the company office in St. Petersburg, employees will help you and answer your questions. Kredo-Group brokers are well versed in the customs legislation of different countries, will help in crossing the border.

List of broker services:
  • classification of goods, selection of FEACN codes of international standard;
  • legal support, professional advice, representation of the client's interests at customs;
  • preparation of necessary documents, declarations, certificates;
  • justification and endorsement of the cargo value, etc.

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