Oversized Road Transportation

Oversized Road Transportation

With the development of business and the need to quickly respond to market changes, more and more enterprises require road transportation of oversized cargoes. This is a fast, mobile and fairly inexpensive way of transporting goods.

Large construction and industrial companies often turn to Kredo-Group in order to deliver goods with dimensions much larger than those of standard vehicles. We have been working with oversized cargoes for many years, so we perfectly know all the ins and outs of transportation in Russia and abroad. We deliver goods along the optimal route, safely and in strict accordance with applicable regulations and laws.


Objects with a width exceeding 2.5 m, a height over 4 m and a length over 16 m are considered oversized. By itself, it is divided into categories: large-sized (dimensions exceed those established for highway traffic); heavy (cargo weight including that of the vehicle exceeds the axle load requirements); boats, cars; industrial equipment; reservoirs; boilers, etc. These types of cargo include: agricultural machinery; construction equipment; long cargo (cargo protruding over the vehicle tailgate by more than 2 meters).


First of all, before shipping any oversized item, it is necessary to check whether it is fastened securely enough, because harsh maneuvers of motor vehicles may cause it to drop. The cargo must be placed in accordance with the following conditions: it shall not block the driver's view; it shall not affect the stability of the vehicle; it shall not cover lighting devices; it shall not create any extraneous sounds when driving. If at least one of these conditions is not met, the transportation of such cargo is not allowed until the violations are completely eliminated.


Like any other type of transportation, road haulage has its pros and cons. The positive aspects include:
  • Delivery of cargo regardless of the season;
  • It is possible to carry out loading and unloading operations almost anywhere, delivery is carried out even to the most remote areas without additional cargo transfers;
  • It is the best fit in option for multimodal transportation.
Disadvantages include:
  • High costs of liquid fuel and respectively - high transportation services costs;
  • High labor costs;
  • The need to obtain special permits;
  • A number of restrictions when transporting oversized items.
When choosing the optimal type of transportation for yourself, read the freight regulations carefully. Are the conditions suitable for you? If you have any questions, please contact Kredo-Group. We will be happy to help you. Moving oversized cargo by road is carried out strictly in compliance with applicable standards. A route is being analyzed, taking into account the road conditions, areas where road maintenance is carried out. No environmental factors should affect negatively. Product characteristics are considered, material in particular, resistance to mechanical damage. We need to take care of safety, to pack the contents reliably. Road transportation of oversized cargo is carried out within the agreed time frame with the guarantees provided.


Transportation of oversized cargo by road requires special attention to logistics and to route development. It is necessary to obtain a written approval for the vehicle movement from the traffic police and from other responsible authorities.

The specialist of the logistics company considers the restrictions for each road section. In case one of these moments is ill-considered , the cargo may be en route for a longer time or even may be detained by the inspection authorities for an indefinite period. To avoid this, it is necessary to entrust the implementation of such services to professionals only. As for the price, the delivery of oversized cargo by road is more expensive than that by sea or by rail, but it allows you to quickly deliver the item door-to-door and ensure its safety along the entire route.


Our company has a reputation of a reliable transport operator, so most of our clients cooperate with us on a regular basis. Road transportation of oversized cargo from Kredo-Group is convenient and profitable for many reasons:


  • short delivery times;
  • cargo safety;
  • qualified freight forwarder and customs broker;
  • operational information about the condition and location of the cargo;
  • professional legal and customs support;
  • a wide range of additional services.
You can get answers to all your questions and find out the cost by phone in St. Petersburg or at the company office. We are always happy to discuss the terms of cooperation.

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