Cargo Expedition

Cargo Expedition

Sea transportation is a cost-effective solution for business needs, but it requires high organization and responsibility on the part of the shipping company. It is not enough to simply deliver cargo from one point to another, especially if intermediate stops are required. Freight forwarding in the port is associated with a number of logistics activities, with the certain amount of documents timely submitted to the appropriate organizations, and providing the conditions for inspection and further movement of goods.

Of course, the port also has its own authorities for servicing and processing the arrived cargo (stevedoring companies, etc.). But some cargoes require early warning, special permits and special service.

Just as it is impossible to fully rely on port services, it is also impossible to arrange the full amount of paperwork in advance. After all, it often requires direct participation and solving urgent issues on the spot. This is when the freight forwarders (those who push the freight forward) step in..


The activities of the ports are strictly regulated by legislation (including international regulations), and are also controlled by the quarantine, environmental, disease control and prevention, veterinary and other services. All this requires registration of a large amount of documentation and appropriate permits, otherwise the cargo simply will not receive the "Import permitted" mark.

Clearance of goods for import, export or transit also varies significantly. And only a professional can figure out all the intricacies of working with cargo in the port. Therefore, the freight forwarding specialists serve as the link between the port workers and the carrier. The speed of cargo passing through the port largely depends on them.


The amount is calculated for each customer individually, based on the following characteristics:

  • Volume and specific features of cargo;

  • The need for further transportation;

  • Time spent in the port;

  • Amount of funds required to pay for the line and the port.

You can take a look at the estimated rates for sea transportation in the "Prices" section.

It is important to remember that a reliable forwarding company can avoid unnecessary checks and fines, thereby speeding up the clearance process and not wasting the client's funds. To calculate the cost, you can contact the company manager by the phone number indicated on the website.

To get an accurate calculation of the cost, contact us by contact phone or send all available information to the email


The forwarders' job is to fulfill the requirements of the port and government services to reduce the stay of cargo in the port. Forwarding is usually understood as the following set of operations:

  • Timely submission of documents and permits - approval and signing of contracts and licenses for the import and export of cargo, obtaining and sending permits to the appropriate organizations.
  • Payment of required fees - payment of freight and local fees, settlement with line agents, additional costs.
  • Tracking system - the consignee has the ability to track the cargo, having the latest information.
  • Urgent order of transport and equipment - cargo transfer, repacking and other in-port movements.
  • Additional processing and maintenance of cargo - packaging, labeling, weighing (both at the request of the customer and at the request of government services), sampling and analysis as needed.
  • Organization of storage, displaying for inspection - organization of the required storage conditions, selection of a service terminal, control of arrival and departure.
  • Unforeseen situations - organization of excess storage, solving urgent issues with control services, and more.
  • Registration of a time slot for picking up cargo from the terminal

Prompt execution of all tasks requires experience in the field of forwarding services. Our specialists are well acquainted with the port rules and are able to find a common language with the control and supervision authorities.


Kredo-Group has sufficient experience in port forwarding to guarantee the smooth passage through the control measures. Our specialists have a large contractual base with certification, control and government agencies, which allows us to reduce the time spent in the port.

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