International Transportation

International Transportation

International transportation of goods is an important part of the foreign trade of almost any company. Regardless of the size of your business, whether it is large, small or medium, your competitive performance directly depends on the speed and quality of services provided and the financial component of delivery of the required product to its destination.


There are many companies involved in the transportation of goods in the service market. Before choosing one, think about what kind of goods you are going to ship, where to and how often it needs to be delivered, whether it is a domestic delivery only or international transport will be required as well.

Typically, one mode of transport is not enough to deliver a cargo from one country to another, so a multimodal principle is applied in transportation. In this scenario the cargo may first travel by sea, then by rail or by road. The combination of different transportation methods will depend on the specific delivery address and the overall dimensions of cargo. But anyway, while choosing a carrier, you must be sure that cargo transshipment from one mode of transport to another will be carried out under the strict supervision of a company's representative who will arrange the communication between all the necessary professionals, will track the cargo location and will monitor the processes occurring with the cargo while in transit.

During international transportation, any cargo must pass customs control. Execution of documentation required by customs authorities is a separate sector that our specialists know from A to Z. Our company has all the capablities for transporting cargo from any country to any point of the Customs Union. We will select the best route, will fit the proper transport, will draw up all the necessary documents, and will carry out customs escort. Therefore, when transporting goods between different countries with us, you will be saved the trouble to delve into the finer points of customs legislation and supply chains. You would just have to receive the cargo and make sure it is safe.


Selection of the optimal transport and route is not easy. Here the customer's needs come to the fore: are deadlines a priority or can the customer wait a little and optimize the costs? What is the size, volume and nature of cargo to be transported? The answer to these questions determines whether the goods will be conveyed by air, by land or by sea. 

Transportation methods:
  • Air freight operations;
  • Sea freight operations;
  • Railway freight operations;
  • Motor freight transportation;
  • Multimodal (combined) transportation.

To get an accurate calculation of the cost, contact us by contact phone or send all available information to the email


  • Customs clearance of cargoes - starting from 14,000 rubles
  • Freight forwarding - starting from 2,500 rubles
  • Customs inspection - starting from 5,000 rubles
  • Proof of the declared value of cargo - starting from 10,000 rubles
  • Cargo insurance - starting from 0.014% of the cargo value
  • Certification - starting from 7,000 rubles

The cost of services is approximate. For more accurate commercial proposal, please contact the office. The company's employees will develop the optimal transportation route, advise on issues of interest and take into account the wishes of the client!


Our company has been providing international cargo transportation services for many years. We know how to reduce costs, optimize the transit time of the package. It is not easy to organize competent transportation: for this you need to have knowledge in several specific areas - logistics, legislation, customs.

But, even having specialists in all these areas, a company is not always able to effectively organize the delivery of goods. This happens because the experience, established contacts, partnerships, well-developed routes, as well as the ability to keep abreast of all changes in this area, are also of great importance.


  • short delivery times;
  • cargo safety;
  • qualified freight forwarder and customs broker;
  • operational information about the condition and location of the cargo;
  • professional legal and customs support;
  • a wide range of additional services.

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