Oversized Transportation

Oversized Transportation

Need to urgently deliver oversized cargo? St. Petersburg, Moscow or any other city in Russia - Kredo-Group will help in solving of these problems. We deliver goods along domestic and international routes, while offering favorable terms of cooperation for business. If a client needs to transport oversized items, our employees and equipment are at your service.


Transportation of oversized, heavy objects must be accompanied by permits from supervisory authorities and special documents.
International shipping will require customs documentation. The specialists from Kredo-Group will assist you in preparing of a complete package. The list of services includes:
  • cargo characteristics analysis, classification;
  • preparation of documents for customs clearance;
  • escort of goods at the border;
  • legal support;
  • loading and unloading, rigging, etc.
If necessary, the list can be changed or expanded.

Transportation of oversized cargo is carried out after obtaining a special permit. If the length is 20-24 m, an additional vehicle with an orange special signal will be required. Transportation requires agreement with the traffic police, additional vehicle escort. When obtaining permits, the total cargo weight is taken into account. A shipment exceeding 38 tons is considered as heavy.

Choosing a vehicle is an important step in preparing for transportation. It must meet the following criteria:

● the load is securely fixed on it and does not prevent the vehicle control;
● when fully loaded, all signals and signs are clearly visible;
● the driver must have a full view of the road;
● it is necessary to have identification marks stipulated by the rules.

When choosing a vehicle, be sure to consider the characteristics of oversized item. If it has a non-standard height, it is better to use a low-bed trailer. If the weight is exceeded, a platform/trailer with a higher carrying capacity will be selected. While driving, the vehicle should not interfere with other vehicles.

Organization of transportation includes studying the route by logisticians. We study the congestion of highways, the condition of the roadbed, the maximum permitted weight in certain sections and other characteristics. Consideing the information obtained, one or several optimal routes will be developed.

Based on the characteristics of the selected vehicle and the route, the specialists will calculate the elapsed time, the cost of delivery. The circumstances that may arise along the way are also taken into account.

In some cases, several types of transportation are involved - road, rail, sea transport. To reduce delays, all processes must be synchronized by logistics managers.


The cost of services is calculated individually and depends on many reasons, including weight and size characteristics, value and nature of the cargo, as well as the direction and distance to the destination.

You can take a look at the estimated rates in the "Prices" section.

To get an accurate calculation of the cost, contact us by contact phone or send all available information to the email info@kredo-in.ru.


The transportation process is complex. Only specialists with practical experience in the industry and thoroughly familiar with the legislation can effectively solve the issues of transporting oversized cargoes. Standard logistic schemes are not suitable for solving the issue. The conditions for moving objects have to be elaborated individually, going over all the route sections in detail. Professional logisticians will assess the shipment parameters and will select the optimal work procedures:
  • type of transport,
  • method of loading/unloading and rigging operations.
Only after that route development can be started, with analyzing of possible itineraries. The permissible loads on the roadway, the throughput of overpasses, tunnels, bridges, along which the object will be transported to the delivery point, are taken into account.


Due to non-standard parameters, oversize items require special attention and increased responsibility of the carrier. Any flaw in organization, legal or logistic issues can significantly affect the speed of delivery. 

It is also important to transport the goods with a minimum of expenses and with a guaranteed safety. These are the main factors affecting the quality of services for organizing the oversized transportation.

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