Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Carrying out the transportation of dangerous goods without violating the law requires following all innovations. This will insure yourself against serious problems with regulatory authorities.

If you want to deliver your goods quickly and to minimize risks, contact Kredo-Group. Our company carries out transportation in compliance with all current standards and rules, while guaranteeing the safety of the goods, timely arrival at the destination.


perevozka-opasnyh-gruzov-avtomobilnym-transportom-1.gif Class 1: Explosive materials, the transport of which may cause an explosion or fire. This also includes devices designed to produce a pyrotechnic effect.
perevozka-opasnyh-gruzov-avtomobilnym-transportom-2.gif Class 2: Gases, liquefied, dissolved, compressed under pressure.
perevozka-opasnyh-gruzov-avtomobilnym-transportom-3.gif Class 3: Flammable liquids, mixtures of liquids, liquids that contain solid particles in suspension or solution, emitting flammable vapors with a flash point in a closed cup of 61 °C.
perevozka-opasnyh-gruzov-avtomobilnym-transportom-4.gif Class 4: Flammable materials (excluding explosives) that can be easily ignited by external sources of ignition.
perevozka-opasnyh-gruzov-avtomobilnym-transportom-5.gif Class 5: Organic peroxides, oxidizing substances with the ability to easily release oxygen, to support combustion, as well as materials that can cause spontaneous combustion or explosions.
perevozka-opasnyh-gruzov-avtomobilnym-transportom-6.gif Class 6: Infectious, poisonous substances, which can cause poisoning, illness or death if ingested, or in contact with the mucous membrane, skin.
perevozka-opasnyh-gruzov-avtomobilnym-transportom-7.gif Class 8: Corrosive, caustic, causing damage to the skin, respiratory tract damage, mucous eye membranes, as well as damage to cars, corrosion of metals. Some fire hazardous materials also fall into this category.
perevozka-opasnyh-gruzov-avtomobilnym-transportom-8.gif Class 9: Other groups characterized by low hazard during transport, not assigned to any of the listed categories.


When transporting dangerous goods by road, a number of rules must be observed. A prerequisite is a protective container marked with a reflective orange plate. The stock number is indicated, black edging is provided.

The following requirements are put forward for the vehicle:
  • at least one wheel chock;
  • signs of warning with bright spot lighting;
  • anti-lock braking system in the vehicle;
  • in the event of an accident, fuel from the gas tank should only flow onto the road, without contacting with foreign objects;
  • parts of the exhaust system are equipped with overheating protection;
  • at least two fire extinguishers in the vehicle;
During the delivery of such objects, drivers and accompanying persons will wear special uniforms. The distinctive feature of this uniform is rich color, with special lights attached.


In addition, there are regulations applicable to documentation. Transportation can be carried out with the following papers:
  • contract concluded between the customer and the carrier company;
  • route sheet;
  • document confirming the identity of the driver;
  • papers identifying dangerous goods;
  • instructions in case of an unforeseen situation.
How to guarantee safety? There is only one option. You need to contact competent employees who understand the intricacies and subtle aspects of transportation. You will have to pay to the agent, but in this case the funds are spent as efficiently as possible.


Kredo-Group provides services to wholesalers, chemical, oil refining, pharmaceutical and other enterprises, delivering dangerous goods with a guarantee of safety.

In our company, you can order transportation of:
  • dissolved, compressed, liquefied gases;
  • radioactive raw materials, products;
  • flammable liquids, solid materials;
  • spontaneously combustible oxidants, peroxides, other substances;
  • corrosive and other goods with a high level of danger.


The safety and the speed of transportation by our specialists is ensured by:

  • experienced drivers with the necessary permits; 
  • specialized vehicles with special markings; 
  • careful study of the route; 
  • preparation of a full package of documents, including permits and insurance.


  • short delivery times;
  • cargo safety;
  • qualified freight forwarder and customs broker;
  • operational information about the condition and location of the cargo;
  • professional legal and customs support;
  • a wide range of additional services.
You can get answers to all your questions and find out the cost by phone in St. Petersburg or at the company office. We are always happy to discuss the terms of cooperation.

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