Shipment by Type of Transport

Shipment by Type of Transport


The fastest and safest way to deliver cargo to the consignee is to use air transport. When it comes to air transportation in a limited time when no road or railway interchange are available, this method leaves competitors far behind.

Kredo-Group LLC carries out commercial air transportation: we offer delivery from Europe, China and other countries to Russia (St. Petersburg, Moscow, etc.) and in the opposite direction. Our experience in this area allows us to provide our clients with guarantees in terms of time and safety. For example, sending goods from China to St. Petersburg will take a short period of time.

The company's office is located in the northern capital, but the geography of its services covers the entire country. We have access to shipments of goods from China, Europe, from all 6 continents. The company employs competent specialists who can develop the optimal transportation route based on the individual wishes of the client and the characteristics of the air cargo.

To reduce costs, company employees will perform sorting, correctly calculate the volume and weight of the goods. The use of cargo aircraft is considered to be the fastest way to move products. The advantages of such a solution are more prominent as the the distance between the points of departure and arrival grows. When transportation of perishable goods is necessary, urgent delivery in an aircraft is indispensable. Wide territorial coverage is a competitive advantage. The airliner will deliver cargo to any destination in the world. In this respect, oceans and the lack of local transport infrastructure are not major obstacles. The aircraft will quickly and safely deliver cargo to taiga, mountains or swampy areas.

By ordering such a service, you can be full of confidence in the integrity and safety of goods. Before proceeding with the shipment, a specialized service places them in the warehouse where they are sorted and packaged to prevent damage during the flight. To prevent movement inside the plane, the goods are thoroughly secured. Competent staff will provide the required temperature and air humidity required for transportation.

Kredo-Group LLC offers additional opportunities in the field of transportation. In addition to transportation, we are engaged in the delivery of cargo to the airport and arrange the loading, track the coordinates, and control the deadlines.


It is considered difficult to arrange such delivery. Not every company has access to aircrafts with the appropriate payload, cabin and hatch dimensions.

It is not uncommon to change the craft just before departure. In such a situation, non-standard sized items may not fit into the new aircraft.

To exclude such situations, an application for air transportation must be drawn up in advance. So the airline will be ready to submit a craft suitable in all respects.


Kredo-Group carries out sea transportation of goods to Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities. This delivery method is time consuming, but in many situations it is efficient and affordable from a financial point of view.


1) Various groups of goods..

The waterway is a profitable, rational solution. Delivery of superheavy, large-sized structures, large-volume consignments at low cost is possible only by water. Air and road transport are usually not capable of such tasks. Due to their load and carrying capacities, ships do this with no trouble.

2) Affordability.

It is a practical option when the budget is limited or it is impossible to send a shipment by another type of transport. A low-cost and popular way to move non-standard designs, products, materials. The route geography is quite wide, because for several centuries of navigation, routes have been laid to different parts of the world.

3) Security.

The undamaged condition of the products testifies in favor of this type of movement. Moving goods is the least disturbing. Orders are placed in closed metal containers non permeable for moisture, wind, and sun rays. The smooth pace of the vessel movement and the control from qualified personnel allow intact delivery even of fragile objects.

4) Ease of loading, unloading.

The container method is mainly used. This method allows you to increase the turnover of goods in ports by reducing the operation time. It is possible to quickly carry out loading/unloading operations using the container system, regardless of the volume and type of transported materials or products. Fragile objects and heavy structures will be unloaded equally quickly.

5) Ability to move dangerous goods.

Containers used for cargo transportation have special compartments for flammable and explosive materials, as well as everything you need to securely fix hazardous contents. The microclimate required for the shipping of certain groups of products is maintained inside the containers with the help of special technologies. Ships are equipped with fire extinguishing means in accordance with the type of substances transported. Flammable, poisonous and other hazardous substances are checked and controlled along the entire journey.

So, what is the best way to deliver: by air or by sea?

There is an opinion that the sea transportation is always long, but cheap, while air delivery is fast and expensive. But there are exceptions to the rules. Sometimes it is cheaper to ship goods by air. We are talking about the transportation of small consignments, when the costs of preparing a container, loading and unloading operations in the port increase the total cost so much that air transport come cheaper. We are well aware of such details. In this regard, we deliver large structures, products, consignments of materials by water, and small ones by air.


Kredo-Group offers transportation of all categories of goods by rail. We work on domestic routes, delivering products from China, India, Finland and other countries in Europe, Asia and the CIS. This delivery method is suitable for large-volume consignments, for large-sized and heavy items. If you need to transport a relatively small volume, it is better to give preference to air transportation, since the option with a railroad implies additional costs for loading and unloading.

What do you need to know before shipping?

1. The speed and cost of delivery depends on how carefully the logistics of the route is elaborated. Therefore, it is recommended to use the services of trusted companies only.

2. Most often, railways are used for delivering raw materials, mixed consignments in containers. All requirements related to delivery are imposed on the carrier, but the owner also needs to know some of the intricacies:
  • Loading terminals of transport companies always have hoisting mechanisms and machines that allow you to put an object on a platform, fill a wagon or secure a container. Before registering railway transportation, you must make sure that the arrival station is also equipped with such devices. Otherwise they simply will not be able to receive the cargo at the point of destination.
  • The relationships between the carrier and the organization at the arrival station should be documented. This will save you from many unpleasant situations when they refuse to accept the shipment and ask to pay increased tariffs.
  • The organizing carrier company must have a special account from which funds are debited to pay for railway rates.


Transportation of goods by rail is the most cost-effective way of transportation, ensuring the safe transportation of products of various parameters and weight, products of non-standard size. At the same time, the costs are 30% lower compared to transportation by road. Reliable metal containers, wagons of various types protect goods from physical damage, hazardous effects.

Transportation of oversized cargo is carried out by platforms, gondola cars, conveyors and specialized rolling stock. We transport tractors, bulldozers, cranes, machines, mining equipment, metal and other groups of goods.

Sending oversized cargo by rail, we take care of all the problems associated with shipment. Namely: placement on rolling stock, integration of loading and unloading operations, tracking the cargo movement.

Kredo-Group carries out orders for container rail transportation in Russia, the CIS countries, Europe and Asia. The equipment of the train carriage is selected individually, taking into account the characteristics of the transported goods, which ensures lower travel costs. The company develops optimal routes, collects, prepares, processes documents, represents the interests of clients before the customs services. We maintain cooperation with reliable foreign partners with many years of experience.


Road container transportation is more popular than ever. Despite the growing demand among individuals and legal entities, competition in this area is great, which places high demands on the carrier.

Kredo-Group offers a range of services for customs clearance, delivery of goods of any nature. Our experience allows us to consider our client's wishes in full extent. Trucking is carried out on semi-trailers: 20- or 40-foot containers varying in design and performance are fixed on trawls. Some of them have an open top, others are tanks, refrigerators or other types of containers that are required to move specific cargo:

  • construction and finishing materials,
  • special equipment, hardware,
  • industrial products,
  • bulk materials,
  • liquids,
  • пfood, cosmetics, etc.


The workflow provides for a one-time loading and unloading of contents. Even when using different modes of transport, all repacking refers exclusively to the container, which provides the following advantages:

1. The risk of theft is reduced. Locks are sealed, and the seals are removed by the customer upon receipt.
2. The harmful effects of external weather factors are excluded. This may be relevant if prolonged exposure to direct sunlight is undesirable.

3. Content remains intact. The content is not mechanically damaged.

This method of transportation is suitable for delivery of products with a limited shelf life. A feature of road container transportation is reduced transportation time. Time is not wasted on repacking, loading and unloading is faster.

Cargo that does not require special conditions is transported in closed or open containers, on open platforms. The latter are used to move objects of irregular shape or large oversized items.

Additionally, special types of containers are used:

● refrigerators - maintain the set temperature along the route, which is important for perishable food;
● insulated containers - similar to refrigerators, but the microclimate is maintained due to the thermal body insulation, and not by installing additional equipment;
● tanks -used to move liquid hazardous and non-hazardous substances.

Moving products using such containers will be more expensive.

The final price list is determined by the price of equipment, maintenance and repair costs.

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