Container Transportation

Container Transportation

Container transportation is widely used both internationally and regionally. Container transportation is the most justified solution in terms of ease of loading, safety of goods and cost optimization. Kredo-Group provides complex freight services in international directions, guaranteeing reliability, speed, safety, optimal solutions.


Road transportation – is an everyday process, which is not surprising: simple organization, acceptable speed, door-to-door delivery support the high demand for this option. Competition in the market is quite fierce, although the demand for road transport services is constantly growing. But not only trucks are suitable for transportation. Delivery is possible in the following ways:
  • Air delivery - prompt shipping of consignments over long distances;
  • Railroad transportation - due to independence from weather conditions and economy when moving long distances, this type of freight is one of the most demanded;
  • Sea transportation - lack of congestion in sea routes makes people choose waterways more and more often;
  • Combined (multimodal) transportation - a rational solution for some destinations.
Kredo-Group is ready to offer you various capabilities in the field of container transportation. We have access to the transport network, which allows us to transport cargo by sea, air, highways, depending on its specifics and individual requirements for the timing.


Transportation in containers is a universal method, since it does not depend on the transport type. Shipping comes with a lot of flexibility in terms of preconditions. The method is very convenient when you need to deliver to another country.

We use the following types of containers:

● standardized (marine universal type, for dry cargo vessels) 20 foot (24 tons), 40 foot (30 tons), as well as:
● high or non-standard, with one or two doors;
● with an open top (the load is protected by a tarpaulin awning);
● with a metal roof (opening);
● reinforced (with anti-vandal protection, welded from thick-walled metal of increased strength);
● platforms.

The reputable practical experience of specialists from Kredo-Group allows you to promptly organize the delivery of goods in international directions. Considering the characteristics, specifics, weight and volume of goods, we offer the folloing container types:

● for bulk cargo;
● for oversized equipment;
● for tanks;
● perishable food.

The company's employees will develop a convenient route that will reduce the transit time and the client's costs. For more information, check with the company's employees by phone or e-mail.


The cost of services is calculated individually and depends on many reasons, including weight and size characteristics, value and nature of the cargo, as well as the direction and distance to the destination.

You can take a look at the estimated rates in the "Prices" section.

To get an accurate calculation of the cost, contact us by contact phone or send all available information to the email


A container is a versatile means of transportation. Basically it is a removable carriage with the following differences:

  • Sizes are matched to the required volume;
  • Different types of containers provide special transportation conditions (refrigerated containers maintain temperature conditions; ventilated containers provide good air exchange);
  • Open and closed design makes it possible to deliver any type of cargo;
  • Containers are equipped with devices that make them universal for the use with all transportation facilities, simplifying loading and unloading;
  • The documentation package is unified.

If the cargo is inside a sealed container, it will not undergo direct contact with the environment, which means that there is no risk of being damaged or exposed to dust or moisture. Container transportation allows you to forget about the restrictions imposed by certain cargo properties: bulk or liquid, fragile or flammable cargo can reach the recipient's warehouse without any particular difficulties.


Our company is not a new hand in the road transport market, and over many years of work we have proved ourselves as a responsible, reliable partner who fulfills his obligations at a high level. We are engaged in international and domestic transportation.

At present, our volume reaches 150-200 road transportations per month, including not only the use of conventional tilt-covered trucks, but also transportation technologies in multimodal travels. Choosing our company, you get high quality, optimal route, affordable price and the guaranteed cargo safety. 

Call by phone or leave an online request regarding the type of transportation you are interested in.


  • cargo safety;
  • qualified freight forwarder and customs broker;
  • operational information about the condition and location of the cargo;
  • professional legal and customs support;
  • a wide range of additional services.
You can get answers to all your questions and find out the cost by phone in St. Petersburg or at the company office. We are always happy to discuss the terms of cooperation.

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