Domestic Transportation

Domestic Transportation


Our company is ready to offer all types of transport services to our Clients, with the transportation of any cargo types. Every day we carry out

  • Freight operations in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region;

  • Freight operations in Russia;

  • Freight forwarding and insurance of goods;

  • Clearance from customs terminals in compliance with the terms of the Customs Station.



  • Own branded vehicle fleet;

  • Optimal rates and favorable prices;

  • Guarantee of cargo safety (insurance of all goods being transported);

  • Professional forwarding drivers;

  • High-quality service and prompt cargo delivery;

  • Traffic control and round-the-clock monitoring of the vehicle fleet;

  • Wide geography of routes for domestic freight operations;

  • Information support and consulting services;

  • Payment form (with VAT/without VAT);

  • 24/7 service.

In addition to our own vehicle fleet, we have partner contracts with motor transport companies in all federal districts, which enables us to transport goods promptly and at optimal rates by vehicles with a carrying capacity from 1.0 to 20.0 tons and volume from 10 to 120 cubic meters in any direction of the Russian Federation.


Air delivery is the fastest and safest option for transporting goods across Russia. This method is suitable for transporting almost any goods and is a great time saver, given the huge distances between major cities. Kredo-Group LLC carries out regional air delivery in Russia both one-time and on a regular basis. With many years of experience, we provide a comprehensive and high-quality delivery, saving expenses, efforts and time for customers.

Kredo-Group successfully transports cargo to all parts of the country, including such popular destinations as Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Krasnodar and other large cities. Our specialists are ready to deliver oversized, highly valued, special and standard cargoes in the quickest and safest possible way. As part of the service, we can undertake:
  • receipt of cargo and its preparation for shipment;
  • development of the optimal shipping route;
  • registration of air waybills and other documentation;
  • delivery and loading of a consignment;
  • payment of terminal charges and other payments;
  • receipt of cargo at the airport of arrival and its transfer to the consignee.


  • Transportation of any cargo in batches of 100 kg to 10 tons.
  • The shortest possible terms of delivery time - starting from 1-3 days.
  • Informing about the cargo movement while en route.
  • Affordable prices - the cost in each case is calculated individually.
  • Qualified assistance with the processing of paperwork and permits.

Order air transportation of goods across Russia at Kredo-Group by online request. To clarify prices and get advice, we recommend using contact numbers.


DESTINATION CITY     Price, rubles/kg DESTINATION CITY Price, rubles/kg

Abakan starting from 96 rub. Novosibirsk starting from 68 rub.

Arkhangelsk starting from 40 rub. Novy Urengoy starting from 60 rub.

Barnaul starting from 96 rub. Norilsk starting from 125 rub.

Vladivostok starting from 120 rub. Noyabrsk starting from 105 rub.

Volgograd starting from 65 rub. Nyagan starting from 141 rub.

Vorkuta On request Omsk starting from 70 rub.

Grozny starting from 71 rub. Orenburg starting from 65 rub.

Ekaterinburg starting from 47 rub. Perm starting from 40 rub.

Irkutsk starting from 120 rub. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy starting from 299 rub.

Kazan starting from 45 rub. Rostov-on-Don starting from 44 rub.

Kaliningrad starting from 46 rub. Salekhard starting from 115 rub.

Kemerovo starting from 115 rub. Samara starting from 40 rub.

Kogalym starting from 97 rub. Simferopol starting from 40 rub.

Krasnodar starting from 45 rub. Sochi starting from 39 rub.

Krasnoyarsk starting from 85 rub. Surgut starting from 75 rub.

Magadan starting from 250 rub. Syktyvkar starting from 55 rub.

Makhachkala starting from 66 rub. Tyumen starting from 55 rub.

Mirny (Yakutia) starting from 136 rub. Ulan-Ude starting from 99 rub.

Murmansk starting from 45 rub. Ufa starting from 47 rub.

Nadym On request Khabarovsk starting from 120 rub.

Nalchik starting from 75 rub. Khanty-Mansiisk starting from 100 rub.

Naryan-Mar starting from 111 rub. Chelyabinsk starting from 48 rub.

Nizhnevartovsk starting from 90 rub. Chita starting from 103 rub.

Nizhny Novgorod starting from 60 rub. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk starting from 195 rub.

Novokuznetsk starting from 83 rub. Yakutsk starting from 265 rub.

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