Port Clearance

Port Clearance

Our company offers services for the pick-up of containers from the port in St. Petersburg. The northern capital of Russia is one of the largest sea hubs, where cargoes from all over the world flock along sea routes. After the cargo arrives the and passes all the necessary customs clearance procedures, it is necessary to pick-up the container from the port of St. Petersburg and further deliver it to the consignee. 


St. Petersburg port clearance is an obligatory stage of cargo transportation. And everyone is interested in this stage being completed as quickly and easily as possible. At the same time, it is not so easy to get the contents of the container: only the transport of accredited companies can enter the port area, therefore, it will not be possible to pick up the cargo without prior agreement.

In this regard, the consignee needs to contact the company that will pick-up the container from the port and dispatch it further. If you are looking for specialists for the cargo pick-up, we will be happy to help you solve this issue.


The procedure of picking up a container from the port is not as simple as it seems. It consists of several stages. Even before the container arrives, we begin to track its movements and collect documents that will be required at the port and at customs. When the cargo arrives at the port, it is subject to in-port forwarding, i.e. processing in the port terminal. If necessary, it is followed by unloading, transfer, pick-up from the port of St. Petersburg and dispatch to the destination. The final step is to return the empty container to storage.

Thus, while transporting a container from the port, we carry out:

  • collection and execution of the necessary documents;
  • in-port forwarding;
  • customs clearance;
  • unloading and transfer of load;
  • sending to the final destination;
  • returning the container to the port.


From the port of St. Petersburg, the cargo can go to any point in Russia. For this, road or rail transport is used, as well as delivery using river shipping.

In total, we provide a full range of services to quickly go through all the procedures that are necessary for sea container transportation. Competent and well-coordinated actions of our specialists, experience in the field of cooperation with port authorities, competence in the field of customs clearance and logistics allow us to transport the goods as soon as possible with minimal costs.

Do you want to receive your cargo as soon as possible? Order pick-up from the port of St. Petersburg in our company!


  • short delivery times;
  • cargo safety;
  • qualified freight forwarder and customs broker;
  • operational information about the condition and location of the cargo;
  • professional legal and customs support;
  • a wide range of additional services.

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