About company
9 years of daily work on safe, fast delivery and customs clearance of goods.
The complex of tasks includes: selection of the optimal solution for the delivery of goods, control, preparation of the necessary documentation and customs clearance. We strive to develop service and quality of services together with our partners.
Our successes
We are making progress and always developing! Some facts about how we work:
9 years
in the market
We started in 2013 and have been successfully operating on the market for more than 9 years
Successful projects for the delivery and customs clearance of goods
259 major partners
We are trusted and constantly work with us
Member of associations
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of St. Petersburg
  • Guild of Foreign Trade Professionals
  • Charter of conscientious traders
Our clients


Head of Transport Logistics Ermolov N.N.
Credo Group is our partner in terms of customs escort services, recommended as a reliable and professional partner.
Тойота Бошоку
CEO, Sbita Kenji
We testify our respect and express our sincere gratitude and deep gratitude to Credo Group for the prompt and well-coordinated work on customs clearance of urgent cargo. Credo Group has established itself as a stable and responsible partner providing a flexible approach to our needs.
Head of the Foreign Economic Activity Department, Kharakhonova E.N.
The production of pharmaceuticals requires uninterrupted supplies and the constant support of reliable partners in the field of logistics and customs clearance. We make high demands on the quality and speed of services provided in the field of foreign economic activity, therefore, when choosing a reliable supplier, we chose Credo-Invest LLC.
  • Ilya Marchenko
    Financial Director
  • Roman Vinogradov
    Commercial Director
  • Ksenia Rudkovskaya
    Director of design department
  • Igor Parikov
    Logistics Manager
  • Ruslan Ryzhi
    Head of Customer Service
  • Ekaterina Masorina
    Head of declaration department
Member of associations
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Ligovsky pr., 153
St. Petersburg