Sustainable Development Strategy
Strategic goals, personnel management, social responsibility
Sustainable development
social responsibility
Our approach to managing aspects of sustainable development is based on the alignment of the interests and plans of the Company with the principles of sustainable development of the United Nations, universal values, global trends and national and regional development priorities, which implies the integration of economic, environmental and social goals and objectives into the corporate business decision-making system.
What is ESG?
ESG— is an important global trend of responsible investment. What is responsible investing, how do the letters E, S, G stand for, and why did such a trend appear at all.

ESG — is an English abbreviation for Environmental (ecology), Social (social development) and Governance (corporate governance). All together, this means developing a business with care for the environment, society and partners.

This approach guarantees sustainable development, when business not only meets the needs of the current generation, but also contributes to the development of future ones. The very concept of "sustainable development" was introduced by the United Nations (UN) back in 1987.

And in 2015, the UN approved the Sustainable Development Goals plan, which contains 17 points of global transformation to "improve the well-being and protect the planet."

E (Environmental)
Reducing the impact on the atmosphere, land, water, economical use of natural resources, "green" and environmentally friendly projects, competent waste management, emission control.

S (Social)
Decent pay and conditions for safe work, social responsibility, human development, creation of an inclusive environment, promotion of social development.

G (Governance)
Efficiency of corporate governance, protection of shareholder rights, clear development strategy, business reputation, financial and informational transparency.
What does this have to do with me?
People often think that their contribution to saving the planet is negligible. However, even a small effort of each can eventually lead to large-scale changes. How to do it? We will constantly tell you about this, but for now we recommend that you look at the special "Guide to saving the world for lazy people" prepared by the UN.
This is a list of recommendations for caring for the planet: from simple tips that you can follow without leaving your home, to organizing volunteer communities and comprehensive assistance.
Corporate Social Responsibility
We are convinced that excellent customer service is, first of all, a certain approach, technology, ethical principles of company management.

We view our employees and customers as strategic partners with whom we need to build long-term relationships. That is why we are creating all the necessary conditions for the sustainable development and environmental friendliness of our relations.

We believe that, above all, we have a responsibility to our corporate customers who trust us with their products. We are confident that by solving the problems of our customers in the transportation of goods and providing a consistently high quality of customs and logistics services, we position ourselves as a reliable partner.
High automation of processes, unique software, and high professionalism of employees - these qualities help Credo-Invest to cope with a large amount of work without a significant increase in staff.

We have a responsibility to our employees, the men and women who work with us around the world. Everyone must be treated as an individual. We must respect their dignity and recognize their merits. They must be sure to keep their employment. Compensation should be fair, adequate, and working conditions should be transparent, environmentally friendly and safe. Employees have complete freedom to make suggestions to improve the cleanliness and order in the workplace, save resources to solve problems, use more efficient technologies in order to properly perform all operations. The Company invests heavily in the professional development and career growth of qualified employees. Thus, we ensure competent management, acting fairly and ethically.

We have a responsibility to the communities where we live and work, as well as to the global community. Being citizens with an active civic position, we support causes aimed at the common good, we participate in charity. We honestly bear our share of the tax burden. We contribute to the progress of society, the improvement of health care and education. We maintain in perfect order the property that we are lucky to have, we protect the environment.

The impeccable reputation of Credo Group is one of our most important assets. We expect that the values ​​of the Company are shared by our investors, partners, customers and employees.
Human rights
We operate in countries with different political systems and cultural traditions. Credo Group recognizes the importance of respecting and observing the fundamental human rights proclaimed by the UN, including labor rights, the right to a favorable environment, the rights of indigenous peoples and special groups of the population, and others.
The company operates in strict accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, according to which every person should have all the rights and freedoms proclaimed in it. The obligations assumed by the Company under the UN Global Compact (UNGC) apply to all areas of our activity, and also involve informing the organizations with which Credo Group interacts.
Worker health and safety
By occupational health care we mean preventive health care, health promotion, treatment, emergency medical care, rehabilitation and compensation where needed, as well as rapid recovery and return to work strategies.
Ethics in labor relations in the company
In accordance with the values of the Credo Group, key scientific and methodological principles have been identified, the understanding and sharing of which is necessary to ensure the high quality of personnel recruitment:
The principle of consistency - planning of staff recruitment takes place on a long-term and short-term basis: long-term need is determined by the business plan, short-term need is determined by the commercial director and heads of departments in the course of operational monitoring of the distribution of resources for business projects and job occupancy. Search and selection are linked to the philosophy and practice of management.
The principle of legitimacy - is the need to take into account all the requirements of labor legislation, including those related to discrimination. Law of the Russian Federation No. 1032-1 dated April 19, 1991, as amended. dated 07/02/2013 prohibits restricting the rights or establishing benefits based on gender, skin color, age, marital status and other circumstances not related to the business qualities of employees. We are always open to candidates with disabilities and non-traditional sexual orientation.
The principle of scientific - character is the use of modern scientific achievements and the latest psychometric technologies in the process of preparing and conducting personnel recruitment.
The principle of objectivity - the selection is carried out with the observance of impartiality in relation to candidates.

Our clients are large and medium-sized organizations operating in various sectors of the economy, and individuals. We provide our clients with high-quality products and services, develop innovative products, taking into account the requirements of regional markets and individual tasks of consumers. Our goal is to strengthen the reputation of a responsible and reliable partner.
Stakeholder Engagement
We interact with a wide range of organizations and individuals with whom the company seeks to build long-term relationships, taking into account their expectations and position on various issues.
Key principles for stakeholder engagement include:

  • Partnership;
  • Achieving long-term development;
  • Transparency of activity and information openness.
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