Logistics specialists will prepare the optimal solution for the delivery of goods. Experience and technology will help to pass customs clearance regardless of the country or territory of delivery. Expert brokers with experience in declaring various goods will do the job quickly and efficiently. In your personal account, you can track all stages of work with the delivery.

Client's personal account
Informing on time
A client of the Credo Group company gets access to a personal account. All delivery information is updated in a personal account in a timely manner. You always know where your cargo is, you can see your customs payments and package of documents.
Working with Kredo Group


Reduction of terms of passage of the customs control.
Competent execution of documents by high-class specialists.
Optimal Solutions
Selection of optimal solutions for logistics and customs clearance.
Leave feedback about our work
Please answer a few questions of the questionnaire for assessing the quality of Credo Group's work.
How we work
Processing a request for logistics
Choosing the best route and transport
Cost optimization solution
Request processing by customs analysts
Selection of the TN VED Code
Preparation of permits
Calculation of customs payments
Analysis of customs clearance risks
Working with a personal manager
Personal account
Delivery and customs clearance
Preparation and delivery to the point of departure
Customs clearance
Delivery to the recipient's warehouse
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